Ryan Willier Of Edmonton

Ryan Willier Of Edmonton

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Ryan Willier- the most epic Dog you’re ever gonna meet and you won’t know it until he’s broken your heart and ruined your reputation. My friend was with Ryan over a year and he broke her so bad she’s never gonna be the same. He charmed her while she was in a different relationship….he still managed to win her over.

Ryan Willier convinced her he was in love and she for the first time in her life truly allowed herself to love someone. He ran around in her all the time, only he would cause fights and make it her fault. She didn’t touch him enough, she didn’t love him enough. Every time he left he took things that didn’t belong to him. This last time he completely broke her mind and took half of her dope and her cash and told her….I’m not that guy you won’t make me wait an hour in the jeep for you. Then he keeps calling her just enough to give her hope. Says he’s coming back and to Crash Stokes place and leaves her bawling like a newborn baby and don’t care.

She had a seizure today because of the BS on her brain. She isn’t the only girl he’s done this to. There are, so many in love with him and they think he loves them as well. He’s a Locust and should squished like a bug.

I can’t believe this image says 2017. Must be a picture from 2007… one of those future cameras made for real time Throwback Thursdays.- nik


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