Ryan Willier Strikes Again

Ryan Willier Strikes Again

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so recently I’ve started talking to this guy. He’s so charming and uber sexy. I love his 6 pack and rippled muscles and omg the orgasms are crazy. I am having coffee with a friend of mine one day last week and of course we are gossiping. Anyway I start telling her about this new guy and guess what? Not only does she know him but she has already slept with him. Then she tells me don’t waste your time…..He has a full time girlfriend and no matter what he says he always goes home eventually.

She says his gf is absolutely gorgeous and sweet and doesn’t understand why she stays with Ryan Willier. She tells me to check out the girlfriends Facebook page and see the proof she talks about and then she informed me that he was here on The Dirty. So I figured I would give you a follow up story. I am contemplating messaging his gf but I really don’t know what to say.

Let me say it for you. Send her this link. Actually, before you do that I would get at least four more orgasms out of the deal… I give you permission my child.- nik


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