Sarah Goertz of Swift Current

Sarah Goertz of Swift Current

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone beware of this manipulative blonde bimbo Sarah Goertz. She hangs out with drug addicts and low lives and claims to be 15 weeks pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is. Sarah had been having unprotected sex with multiple different men over the last two years yet claims to be clean when in fact has never once been tested for DRDs a day in her life due to the fact that she claims to be deathly afraid of needles.

Sarah Goertz got kicked out of school for pulling no shows and hasn’t been able to hold a job for even a month to this date. She claims to be this great person when all she does is backstab and slander her so called friends whenever they don’t give her what she wants. Everyone beware of this lady, she’s a manipulative person who aims to make your life hell when she doesn’t even have proof of anything to back herself up.

I’ve learned in life that women who are afraid of needles have less sex, they hate anything penetrating their body.- nik

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