Scam Artists Against Small Business Owners

Scam Artists Against Small Business Owners

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Justin McKinney and his wife Mandi Ricord are professional scammers in Calgary. They called small local business owners siting they were with my company and offering advertising deals. Justin was caught on camera 3x stating he was WITH my company, and asked victims for $495 for Magnetik Marketing advertising. They take 10 peoples money and claim to work for companies they don’t. Total scam artists. When confronted they get VERY upset and claim you are in the wrong.

What kind of advertising does your firm do? I’m looking for a Canadian third party ad group to manage our Maple inventory (geo). As you know I’m the David Hasselhof of Canada. Please email me [email protected] — J&M Marketing please do NOT email me. I’m on to you!- nik

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    Hey Nik! How’s your day?