Shyra Butler of Calgary

Shyra Butler of Calgary

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to post his one because I feel she’s ruined everyone’s life long enough, she takes a decent man and plays them like fools and flirts with other guys and once she’s done with one guy will hop right onto the next without a second thought, yet continues to txt the previous or future ones. For example her ex she dated for 2 years Alex- she cheated on him numerous times and trash talked him behind his back and with one of my friends so that’s how I found out.

She’s a terrible mother who doesn’t consider her kids when dating. She’ll constantly scream and fight in front of them and bring boys in and out like there’s no tomorrow. She doesn’t care as it is the father is in prison for multiple reasons, per a prior bf she has a crater face, her Gerry spice looking extensions are fake and she teases her hair to look like a big bees nest and apparently she “pees uncontrollably during sex ” which is nasty. Get a diaper you baby. She is a homewrecking conniving floozy who needed something said about her. This ones easy though… I used to go to school with her in college and I couldn’t stand even to look at her

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  1. Inner strengthNovember 24, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    I don’t know this girl personally however she’s stepped into my life via my bf. Still to this day I question if they were together. Over the summer they hung out and I’m assuming lots since I was at home with my children. My bf worked in another province at the same company she worked for. Im bothered by this post for the fact that she’s labeled as a home wrecker. I like to think I can trust the man I’ve chosen to be with (my child’s father). However one can’t help but wonder. When I found out about my bf lying about hanging out with her. I confronted Shyras bf Alex via fb. I did my own digging. Alex seems like a wanna be skid! He played me like a fool (maybe). Confirmed that Shyra and my bf did sleep together. I became enraged and very hurt. Till this day my bf denies that he crossed that line. I’m stuck in this past situation. It does have a spell on me. I hope that this girl , as she is 10 years younger than I. Not to mention she’s seens to have a lot of growing up to do and Provided all that is said is true. Gets what she deserves. I hope her daughter doesn’t become her and her son finds a good strong role model in his life. Shyra and Alex seem to suit one another. I know this type of girl all to well. The stories that my bf told me about her… confirms the type she is. Then to read the first post on her about her, confirms it even more. It’s a shame that she thinks with her pussy and not her head! One day when she can love herself after forgiving herself of all that she has done. Shyra will fall in real love and that’s when her heart will be ripped out. The truth always surfaces and karma is a bitch! So cliche but so true! I hope for my hearts sake. My situation is not true. Patience is a virtue. Time will work in my favour. Shyra if you read these, stop abusing your body and wasting your life chasing what you weren’t given in life! Become your own solid woman! Don’t depend on others for your happiness and don’t break families up!

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