Singer Jay Evans Of Hamilton

Singer Jay Evans Of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he is known as Jay Evans and he sings. Not one thing is he tells females is true. He trash talks the girl he has been with. I only found out that he was in a relationship when I went onto a post of his and searched the person up. She had pictures of the 2 of them together but nowhere to be found on his was her anywhere.

I approached him about it and he made it sound like she was crazy that she’s his ex that can’t get over him. That she was insecure. But of course someone would be insecure if you have been lying and to also find out by my own investigation they live together.

This guy needs a check cause I feel bad for his girlfriend that he has been talking to me since last year. Jay Evans needs to grow up. I’m sure there has been more girls and his girlfriend through her posts she is nothing like what he says.

Please tell me you slept with him. If not – don’t be a stalker.- nik

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