Situation at Exodus nightclub in Detroit

Situation at Exodus nightclub in Detroit

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a very unfortunate and scary situation took place at Exodus nightclub in downtown Detroit last night. My twin sisters, Adriana and Alisia, went to the nightclub to celebrate their birthday. They had paid & reserved a table prior but still waited in line for 30 minutes upon arriving. The staff didn’t care what they had to say and were extremely rude. The worst part happened when my sister Alisia tried to use the restroom before she left for the night. The ‘manager’ forcefully grabbed Alisia by the arm, and refused her entry into the restroom.

When she asked him to let go, he became even more aggressive, picking her up off the ground, and biting her on her hands and shoulders- leaving marks on her body. He made sure to spit on her afterwards too. How sick! She is bruised and battered today. Witnesses who tried to stop the attack were manhandled by bouncers as well.

One witness pulled out her phone to record the assault and you’ll see in the video how this man grabbed and stomped her phone. The men are shown on the video and we are looking to identify them. I am sickened and saddened to hear what happened to my little sister on her birthday. Absolutely heartbroken. I wish I had been there to protect her but I actually refuse to go to Exodus based on my own personal experiences prior to this one.

They clearly have a history of HORRIFIC customer service. The more we share this story, the more horror stories we hear!!! This place needs to be shut down and the management should be FIRED! Lawyers, attorneys, police force, please come forward and help us rectify this unlawful situation!!!!

Anyone in the Dirty Army know this guy? Watch video here.– nik

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    That’s Man Bun Mitch (Resetar)

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