Sugar Baby Caught or Accepted It?

Sugar Baby Caught or Accepted It?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl named Giselle, who is my best friend is a huge scammer. I mean she’s my best friend and I have never been so proud of what she’s become. First, she made a profile account from a site called seeking arrangement. At first it was great. She traveled to San Francisco with the help of the site and met a guy named R.G. who helped her out with her needs $$. During this time, she was dating a so called San Diego famous DJ named Breezie Fifer and because of that Giselle was easily caught with what she’s doing, seeing sugar daddies. And so once the dirt spread out through social media, Giselle tried to cover her tracks by saying a random anonymous hater made this sugar baby profile of hers and spreading rumors about her. Okay if anyone do not know what type this girl Giselle is, she is very flashy by all means. She takes a picture of everything she buys, gets, travels to & what I’m trying to say is she basically posted a picture of herself in the future exploiting herself that she was on a trip w some guy while she was dating the DJ at the same time.

This issue had fallen into Giselle and Breezie breaking up and in the end, Giselle posted many mean Twitter status to get over herself. As months passes by, Giselle had taken the site to the next level. She thought “hey if I’m not in a relationship, I have no one else to lie to so I’ll try to make even more money.” That’s when she DIDN’T realize many of her social media fans were going to notice her minimum wage job isn’t going to cut whatever lifestyle she going for. And from going through the struggles of this girl, her best solution was to date her sugar daddy.

Okay I know how that sounds, but when does this ever happen? I mean sugar daddy isn’t that old he’s around 25-28, dresses young & has a good job. (obviously bc how would he be on the site). I was just wondering from getting caught before, is this what she wanted to do? Seal the deal make it seem like she is on a real relationship, all happy and doing bf/gf things? To me, I don’t believe honestly. I just wish someone will help this girl in the near future or cut her some slack.

Every Giselle I’ve ever met ended up being a dude… just saying.- nik

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    Hahaha she went to my school Hilltop High School

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