Sugar Daddy Jeremy Lee And Sugar Baby Natasha Boyer

Sugar Daddy Jeremy Lee And Sugar Baby Natasha Boyer

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, sweetie as promised Natasha Boyer is back on the site and we finally got what we were looking for after one of them messed up and added me on facebook so we could grab pictures. You have no idea who and what this girl really is. We have text messages of her agreeing to provide pictures and topless training not once but twice several months later as a personal trainer (will post in near future).

The first time she was caught she tried to pretend she was playing games and hustling. It would explain why she puts #hustle on all her pictures. It doesn’t stop there. She sold her body to a guy named Jeremy Lee for money as his sugarbaby for a long long time. After getting back with her ex bf after he gave her a DRD she created this elaborate story on how he didn’t pay her and even was harassing her but when we dug into it and got copies of messages we found out she was lying. Oh man does this Jeremy guy have dirt on her too.

Hopefully seeing this he’ll post what he has too since she screwed him over just like everyone else in her life. That brings me to this fat fat fat gross whale Jeremy. He’s pathetic. We found 7 women who he paid insane amounts of money to, like 10k and 50k just to be his friends and pull on him. It’s sad.

We also found just as many women who said he screwed them over and didn’t pay them because they broke some rule of his. I don’t care what rules are broken! If you promised someone money you pay them right? That makes him just as scandalous. These two need to be put on blast. Natasha for being a liar, a cheater and for providing special training services behind her boyfriends back and Jeremy for being a pathetic fat guy who has to pay women to pretend to like him and not paying those who break some madeup rule when in reality no one would want to touch him.

50k seems expensive for fake friends. I know people you can pay for like 20 bucks and some free churros.- nik

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