Sugarbaby or Mom Part II — Adri Mala

Sugarbaby or Mom Part II — Adri Mala

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, I told you in the last post that this girl is incapable of being a mother. Maybe the post didn’t reach her? Adri Mala needs to wake tf up! Someone PLEASE tag her. Again, small circle. Ran into this piece of work at Nobu. This is how clueless a bish can be. A friend organised this and no idea how she got the invite — BUT — she left her kid with the baby daddy (@holidayjuan) again!

My dude is out there putting effort into his kid’s future while this one is throwing it all away. See the gram. It speaks for itself. She’s been aspiring to be a “real estate agent”. That’s one funny ass joke boo boo. You ain’t even get education to ring you a decent client boo boo. You trippen ahhaha. She was out being thot and now associating herself with girls with hits on they gram .. trying to climb the social ladder with her so called new “bff”. Lol. Someone needs to wake her up. She must be dreaming if she think she could pull a dude with dough and come up. Go home and be a mom!!

If I see her around any of my social gathering events again I think Ima have to blow her cover. She’s out there straight thirsty. I feel bad for her kid .. ain’t no way to raise a young man to see his mama thirsty for some rich man’s change. And she now claims she is considering opening classes to “help single moms who have endured physical and mental abuse”?! Hahahaha is you alright? Before you open a class I say you get therapy on how to narrow your focus down to being a mother. Seems to me baby daddy doing most of the work — and she doing her work with new potential sugar daddies. How embarrassing!

Can one of my friends treat me to Nobu Malibu. It’s time. I won’t even order food, I just want to make eye contact with all these warm-holes on the payroll.- nik

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