Tara Lee The Cheating Gypsy

Tara Lee The Cheating Gypsy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tara Lee. She moved to Alberta from Nova Scotia and was already run out of Hinton and came to Red Deer. She sleeps with everyone under the sun who will pay her way and put a free roof over her head.

She’s a “sleep with the boss” type girl who doesn’t care if she’s in a relationship with someone or not. A classic drug abuser. Her last boyfriend got DRD from her. He ended up dying in May of something unrelated and she was already sleeping around with drug addict losers within a week of his death.

Not to mention her own family doesn’t even want anything to do with her. Her dad is a biker criminal and doesn’t even want anything to do with her.

Reds always ruin blue eyes for me. Whenever I see them, I get this weird vision of Camels on fire. Like literally a Camel’s foot burning with fire… not the athletes foot fungus, actual flames. It’s not really a nightmare because the Camel doesn’t scream… it just sits there and takes it in the toes. Disturbing but factual.- nik


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