The dirtiest dog you will ever meet — Kalib Starnes (UFC)

The dirtiest dog you will ever meet — Kalib Starnes (UFC)

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is the one and only Kalib Starnes AKA The Running Man, Canada’s worst export. Couldn’t make it in UFC, couldn’t make it as a husband, or a father, and the worst possible boyfriend in the world. Not only does he have multiple girlfriends running at one time, one getting caught he acts like you are the crazy one. This guy should have been a actor, not a UFC fighter as we have all seen he failed terribly at it. Maybe this idiot got hit way to many times in the head to be a functional member of society.

At 43 years old you will see this loser running around downtown Vancouver trying to pick up 20 something year olds who have no idea about his dog ways. Smelling every girl he can. He sleeps with everything and anything that walks. Wikipedia says he has a son… yes by a woman who wanted to get away from him so fast he has no idea where the boy even is… RED FLAG MUCH?

If you are in the need for someone who is emotionally unstable, who definitely has had DRDs, or enjoy someone who can manipulate their way out of anything, then this is the dog for you. He wishes he still looked like that shirtless pic, he now looks like a aging old man who needs to pay for women to be with him. LADIES STAY AWAY.

Ladies please date this guy and try to “fix him”.- nik

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