THE REAL Daryl Trudeau of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is more than just Dirt or Gossip. This is a serious warning for both girls and guys. EVERYTHING I am saying is true. His own family is aware of this now as well. So here we go. My friend Jazmine just escaped a horrible relationship of three years with Daryl Trudeau. No one knew what she was going through until recently. This guy told her all of her problems are gone and she would be taken care of and given the life she deserves. She gave him her heart with full trust and love (which she gives no guys chances). So it all started three years ago. The start was fine, she knew he did blow and drank and whatever- didn’t really think it was a huge problem she couldn’t fix. Just thought he was young and dumb with money to blow. Then she looked at his phone for the first time after a year when he came back from working out of town. She seen backpage escorts by the hundreds in his browser history. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of porn and Facebook girls and he was always on the chive. That happened all throughout the three years, he just wouldn’t stop.

Then it was the lying. He lied about everything. Even about just going to McDonalds. The drinking always led to pepsi, but hundreds upon hundreds worth while she was sitting in bed waiting for him. He would lie to her and then lie to his family so none of them knew he was out getting drugs and driving around the city. He started being abusive as well. She was given a black eye when he had a drunken meltdown and smashed her face into his car window repeatedly, and then went out drinking all night afterwards while she laid in bed crying. He would smack her across the head when she found out the truth. He ran over her foot with his car and broke it and laughed in her face while she was screaming to go to the hospital.When his family found out they asked him and he said theres no proof. But there is in the cameras of the A&W parking lot at deacons corner. He picked her up over his head and smashed her on the ground. (She’s only 105 pounds now after all the stress). He was on the phone with her saying he’s coming home meanwhile he was on his way to his buddies girlfriend in the middle of the night to go feed her blow and she was completely creeped out and turned him away and told Jazmine. (Guys watch ur girls around him). He saved druggies and girls numbers under code names in his phone.

Her last and final draw with him was the fact he said he was at his sisters so she went to get some stuff and he was home, she walks in and sees booze everywhere and he comes out of the bathroom with the devils look on his face high as hell on blow and there was girls shoes at the door. He had asked Jazmine to go to dinner that night, saying he loves her. That’s how much he means it when he says the word love… All the bad nights he would tell her to leave and she would try and he would take her phone and keys and keep her in the pure and utter misery all night. He would later say its all in her head and she’s making it all up cause she’s psycho???? So many head games and so much PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE!! The list goes on and on and on and on. BEATING, LYING, UNLOYAL, UNCARING, PEPSI HEAD, DRUNK.. and the worst of all… is that he is OK with it. He can live with himself.

She left once and he promised her a new Daryl when she came back but no… it got a million times worse. Now she has been left with nothing to her name, beaten, traumatized, loss of trust for anyone, no self esteem at all, no confidence, no nothing but feeling worthless. He brought her into his life and threw her away like garbage. Oh I forgot to mention she never told him one lie and never hurt him once. PERFECT girlfriend and hot as hell! Seeing someone so beautiful and honest… ending up like that…. made me post this to warn all the girls to stay away. The party is fun… until you’re on the wrong side of it… Lets all pray Jazmine never goes through that again.. and that Daryl gets the KARMA he deserves.

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