The Red Seal — John David Commodore

The Red Seal — John David Commodore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, for those of you who haven’t heard of or been victimized by this foul, disease-ridden con-artist. His name is John David Commodore, though creditors as well as most law enforcement agencies know him as Jeffrey Commodore, thanks to the stolen identification belonging to his toothless, unemployed brother.

He is Winnipeg’s very own manipulative, homeless, “hotel heiress”; you’re the only hotel heiress I know that is a broke, drug dealing hooker. By the way, Paris Hilton called to say “Even Tinkerbell could do a better job than you at being a hotel heiress and you’re so not hot”. So you went to culinary school and got your “red seal” in culinary arts? That’s why the only thing you’ve been known to cook is crystal methamphetamine. You should’ve known that if you dipped your fingers in your own supply, ripping off your customers and suppliers would have caused issues within your operation. Your financial situation is doing so well that you move every month because you can’t afford the most affordable rental prices for rodent and bug infested units.

Though you do steal from everyone, you just have to search his name online on the Manitoba Justice website. I would love to know how many thousands of dollars you’re getting sued for. You are a fool to endure that kind of life here, after all your step-mother is the owner of a prestigious hotel chain. Couldn’t you be some famous chef in one of your family’s exceptional hotels. Come to think of it, you’ve never been able to provide a name for the hotel chain in question. Guess your just a pathological liar.

Serious question — Is ‘red seal’ the same as ‘navy seal’ but for food? Like they know how to fight scallops and fish filets.- nik

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