The Search For Solos

The Search For Solos

As I get the structure back to Dirty Scottsdale- I’m in desperate need of new Solo (surname from Red Cups) girls.

I need two women who know how to read. Preferably between the ages of 21-22. I’m looking for one blonde and one brunette.

Job requirements:

  1. Moderating comments
  2. Wear summer clothes in the winter
  3. Personal assistants to the Lamas-Richie family
  4. Flexible to travel the world to be the Dirty Army ambassadors
  5. No kids
  6. Be camera ready 24-7

I’ll think of more but these are the basics. This is a real job! I’m going to start the search in our dominant markets. I will be traveling to different nightclubs searching for you… so hit the gym.- nik

**Dirty Army- if you want to recommend college candidates or fresh faces please feel free to submit them.

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