Tieja MacLaughlin The Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Tieja MacLaughlin The Marketing and Public Relations Expert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl doesn’t seem too bright. Tieja MacLaughlin, a former sports reporter, was formally charged in Washington State Superior Court in 2014 for making death threats against her boyfriend at the time for his “alleged” infidelity.

She was jailed and held in custody on $50,000 bail. Tieja was stuck in the U.S. for over a month before her felony charges were reduced to allow her to return to Canada. Now she’s re-branding herself as a Marketing and Public Relations expert? Under the same name?! Bahahahaha! Tell me how this makes any sense. ROFLMFAO! Who in their right mind would hire this person? In my opinion, she should have changed her name so her train-wreck past wouldn’t follow her. A simple Google search reveals details that suggest a scary level of instability.

Looks like she’s gained a lot of weight since 2014.- nik


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