Toxic Maniac on the Loose — Trevor Bishop

Toxic Maniac on the Loose — Trevor Bishop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, love the work this site has to offer. Love the new Dirty Army tags glad to see you’re well. Add this toxic maniac on the loose to the list. Nik and the DA, meet Trevor Bishop. Like many here in the Kentucky area, in deep, deep love with the dope. This work of art loves dope so much that he’s willing to steal and drive cars without insurance and license plates, while already high on dope, with a driver’s license already suspended, and with the headlights turned off at night while he drives (or at least attempts to) across the river to meet his dope man so he can get hooked up with the dope he loves so much.

So much to where when he’s driving, he’ll run people and drivers off the streets as he’s already high as he’ll with the headlights turned off, thinking everything is going to be cool (in KY, it’s known as Wanton Endangerment-basically he’s out to hurt or endanger someone on purpose doing all of this). He’s so much in love with this that he did all this the same night he got released from the Kenton County Detention Center after he got placed on parole after being charged with two counts of possession of the ONE drug he enjoys so much; heroin.

And adding on, he found a way to get arrested on 4-21 for public intoxication because he’s not man enough to get off the heroin as well as as paraphernalia, because this dude just has one of the most toxic brains and mindsets that anyone would see and meet. This is an individual that is blatantly out to cause serious hurt or danger to anyone that stands in his way because he is just one of the worst people to mankind. This goes beyond “addiction being a disease”.

When you’re out to harm and injure people using every illegal tactic imaginable just to fill your dope love, the entire state of KY need to be put on state of emergency for something like this. And his excuse for getting re-hooked on dope every chance he gets is “relapse is a part of recovery” where anyone can prove otherwise. Time to dispose of this cancer. DA Strong!!!

Thank you for this submission… DA Strong!- nik

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  1. Emily FlinkerDecember 16, 2017 at 4:36 AM

    He’s cool….til he met the toxic, disease passing shore Mindy Murray. Then he turned into toxic.