Trang Setter Of New Orleans, Louisiana

Trang Setter Of New Orleans, Louisiana

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this a her or a him? Trang Setter is fake from head to toe, she recently got an ass implant hoping to steer people from looking at her face. Wonder if her implants flip when she is getting doggy, which is her favorite bc she likes it in the poop, raw, in her word “condoms are a nuisance.”

She hops from Greg to Greg, she is so easy that no one have to wine and dine, just get straight to business. But beware!! This thing had DRD a few times and one of which is incurable. She also loves to date really young boys so she can babysit them and take advantage of them, its like role playing for her. Nik! She don’t look like a Trang Setter, she look more like a TRANSSITTER!

If The Office removed her butt pads — “according to sources” — the fat ass trend must be OVER. I never understood why a woman would want a bigger butt than a man. It makes no logical or mathematical sense.- nik

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