Trashy cjay chelsie cj dunne is back at it again

Trashy cjay chelsie cj dunne is back at it again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Vancouver very own cross eyed speckled quidward is back in action!!! cj Chelsie Cjay Dunne the user liar and fake. Having worked with her for some time I can say first hand that she will suck you dry for all you have to offer from money to rides to lunch dinner and everything in between. She cleared out our gyms lost and found, pretended to take it to the homeless, and instead showed up over the next few weeks wearing the clothes and accessories that were in it.

She is completely unprofessional in the workplace and doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone at work, throwing fits and crying and talking behind staff backs and starting rumors about her bosses and coworkers including myself. Her only friends are the people she works with at the time but eventually we all realized how crazy bipolar she is. Her Instagram is a combination of nearly nude pics and every now and then she throws in a pic of her son to make sure people remember she is a fit mom…… which is her claim to fame- right CJ? She gets physical with the staff and our clients and then cries when they don’t text her back after she spreads her legs for them half way into the first hang out and wonders why everyone looks at her like a fish stick. Yea Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

CJ you are a unstable walking cum dumpster with nothing going. Instead of spending all your time posting to fb and Instagram about how busy you are how about you actually get busy and do something ? I used to feel bad when you’d dish your drama and now I see that you bring it all on yourself. Chelsie Dunne is a scum bag and I suggest all men women children steer clear of her she is a toxic pathological liar and deserves all the bad that comes her way. I don’t know how she claims to manage a gym when she was drowning when working front desk but let’s not let her fool anyone. Remember pathological liar!

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