Tricha Dawn needs put away for good

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m writing this as a disgrace to the city and those in post drug addiction recovery. Meet Tricha Curtsinger, aka Tricha Dawn, as she goes by on social media. This scam artist tries to pretend that she is a recovery “advocate” when all she does is advocating money for her heroin fix. This floozy pretends like she has been clean over a year, when her actions and antics suggests that she isn’t.

To generate revenue for herself, she put together a “recovery” event here in Cincinnati and used it as a way to ban together with these fellow recovery “advocates” while violating HIPAA and illegally brokering deals with recovery centers nationwide. She uses illegal marketing tools and tactics as ways to manipulate people in addictive addiction for monetary gain because she doesn’t want to get up and get a job while hiding behind her husband named Jason Davis (in the picture), who is a high level convicted felon who has loaded guns with kids in the house.

Yes, the addicts are struggling, but what she is doing is using the internet and social media to profit off these people and gradually bring them down to their last days on this Earth so they can profit, even stealing credit card and social security info to prey on these poor innocent people. These people, specially her, need to be away once for all by whatever means possible before they profit off the walking dead.

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