Ty of San Juan Capistrano, California

Ty of San Juan Capistrano, California

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dumb idiot named Ty in San Juan Capistrano is the biggest tool and DB in Orange County. This moron can’t spell for anything and has the intellectual ability of a third grader. This poor dude acts like he’s black by saying the N word every two words and thinks he’s black inside when he’s a loser who bleached his hair to look like Slim Shady.

Ty goes on Twitter posting videos and photos of girls twerking and smokes weed just about every day which has left his brain more fried than fried chicken. He wears ear plugs to look cool and likes to take pictures of himself in the mirror. He has no future or career and will probably end up flipping some burgers at McDonalds.

He was dating Ashley Floris who was a stripper in OC, to use her for sex and moved to Maui with her but then cheated on her on the island and came back to Orange County. Teach this loser a lesson, Nik. It will improve our community.

Why is his face so soft to the touch (no homo)? I hope you aren’t submitting a minor because his feminine features make me want to card him. Go Stallions!- nik


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