Unsanitary Makeup Scammer Sarah Hawkins

Unsanitary Makeup Scammer Sarah Hawkins

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this pink haired she-devil had hired me to work 8 hours for her, doing makeup on 8 girls. First off, I asked if anybody had extra rubbing alcohol (a NECESSITY as an MUA) and not one of these dirty girls had any extra sanitary products. The things I witnessed were absolutely disgusting, no wiping down of products, used brushes being re-used on clients. It was honestly a cesspool of bacteria.

I don’t even think any of the girls stopped to wash their hands… *cringe*. Not only that, this scammer Sarah Hawkins dared charge $300 for EACH CLIENT. That is absolutely unheard of, I actually felt bad for these poor suckers that payed up. So at the end of my grouling 8 hour shift with no breaks (not even for water or food) it was time for me to leave. After witnessing her take about $300 from each girl she had the audacity to tell me she could not pay me at the time because she “didn’t want to take out her cash infront of everyone” but she had no problem collecting it right?

I understood at the moment because there was about 20 people around. So we agreed to send an e-transfer (the one day it wasn’t working nation-wide) for the next day. The next day had arrived and this girl has the nerve to ignore my calls, my texts AND she blocks me on Instagram. If anybody is ever looking for an MUA Please do NOT hire Sarah Hawkins a.k.a @ GlamGirlYeg on instagram. YOU WILL BE SCAMMED. P.S.- this girls makeup SUCKS, she can’t even do eyebrows so I think that’s very telling. Is she even certified?

NR Fact for the ladies: Guys are better at sex when chicks don’t wear makeup. Nobody wants to penetrate a clown.- nik


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