UPDATE: Is Jen Wilke famous yet?

UPDATE: Is Jen Wilke famous yet?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, like clockwork after reading a recent submission here the other day I noticed the girl in the story in a contest to pretty much become “famous” paid vote only will help her achieve her dreams this goes for other girls as well. The people running this are genius. Get hot instagram girls idiot fans to buy votes to fund their production then maybe they will use the girl at events so the girls can meet people in the industry to discover them.

Its a new generation of Playboy miss social. Do people even try on their own and go down the correct path to be successful anymore? Here are the list of girls in this contest. They all are signed to the same agency. This is a fixed contest for sure.

I looked at the list and I can’t see anyone worth paying $150 per 60 minute Soothe massage. Yes, I keep things professional… I play soccer on Friday nights. This causes a lot of friction in my groin muscle area, which causes a lot of knots. It’s like I have seven testicles down there… nothing a Soothe professional cannot fix.- nik


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