Update On Christopher Lee Okimaw

Update On Christopher Lee Okimaw

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, well here’s the update on Christopher Lee Okimaw who’s actually Christopher Ladouceur on Facebook. He’s 40, is married to Cassandra Crystal Eve Mingo-Okimaw – who’s only 29 aka Crystal Mimo Mingo. Ok here’s the news, they shared the truth on how Chris loves to sleep with Lala Latishya Pecinka Okimaw, who is his Ronda Sitavance’s daughter – his 2nd cousin. That they have been sleeping together until 3 months ago when Cassandra Mingo was passed out.

I don’t care about the family relations… second cousins can still have a functioning child according to statistics and full bloods on Game of Thrones bang all the time. That’s not the issue. My concern is how Chris can close his eyes for two hours straight. I have no idea if this is Cass or Lala or Jaba- regardless, I think I just got diabetes from looking at her. My Monday is completely ruined.- nik


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