Valerie Please Read This

Valerie Please Read This

THE DIRTY ARMY: Valerie is a troubled soul. Nik, this former barefax stripper. She struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and had to turn tricks to stay off the streets. Meanwhile she will tell everyone she’s going to be a famous model or porn star. Well when fame wasn’t coming her way, she’s ugly and has an awkward body. So she got desperate. She landed a few dates with the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and got pregnant right away.

We all hoped this would change her and things would work out. I don’t know what her game plan was but to go back to stripping after the baby- except she put on about 90 lbs being pregnant and has no way of supporting her family. She showed her crazy side and her boyfriend moved out, and thank god because he’s too good for her. She took the baby and left town :( I always wanted to tell him she was a no good hooker but couldn’t.

This girl shaved her head and wore a wig and looks like Kathy Griffin, so nasty! Now you can expect her to tell everyone she left him and he cheated and he’s stalking her- it’s the same story with every guy who dumps her, she’ll harass them for years too come.

Yup, the wig needs adjustment. I would say it’s off by 3 inches.- nik

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