Vet Tech by day, P4P by night — Alexus St Amour

Vet Tech by day, P4P by night — Alexus St Amour

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik so get this, some chick (Alexus St Amour is her real name) from North Ft. Myers, Florida fancies herself as a college student and real do gooder for animals and their well being. Poor little thing didn’t think she’d get caught in her schemed having sex with men for money.

First, she’s all over that Seeking Arrangement site as Barbie_doll239 advertising herself as a goodie goodie. Well!! Lemme tell ya what happened with that plan, she met up with my husband and I now have all of her skanky messages and photos where she’s advertising herself for 500$ per meeting and she’ll do anything the guy wants. She’s a bit of stalker too, as she wouldn’t leave my hubby alone asking him for Greg pictures which is kinda weird tbh.

But yea, I know she thinks she’s getting away the Dirty Little Secret but unfortunately she made one big mistake. She met the wrong man with the RIGHT WIFE!!! I’m showing all of her soul selling to her job and let them deal with her ass. I could care less tbh.

She sounds like a Superhero and how great is the irony of her Vet Tech job considering your husband is a dog- always in heat looking to hump some strange.- nik

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