Walden Keyes of San Diego, California

Walden Keyes of San Diego, California

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Walden. Walden Keyes (real name!). Douche… Walden lies about his age on social media, by a *decade*!! He is a Drama King, and he unleashes his self loathing onto the women he tries to lure into his web (and his Dirty bed!). He is selfish, a rotten ‘lover,” and calls out his own name in bed! If you can get him to remove his sunglasses, to stop bragging about the gay porn web cam “modeling” he did for pay ..If he got you drunk enough to sex you up, it is highly recommended that you get checked out for all DRDs..Rumor has it in Mission Beach that Walden is in denial of his true sexuality, which is likely one of the reasons he hates women so much! Nik, this guy is damaged goods! He dissed my roommate after he hooked up with her, and then tried to bang her friend! He treated them both like cheap [email protected]@@!s, because he can’t face the reality of his true sexual preferences. Ladies, wise up! This tool is all talk, no loyalty.


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  1. TruthApril 8, 2018 at 12:06 PM

    I just ended my 8 month relationship with this man. Ive encountered plenty of liars and cheaters in San Diego, but Walden is the WORST human I’ve ever been with. To make a long story short, through our relationship we spent every waking moment together aside from the evenings I worked. From the surface, it seemed to be the perfect relationship. He talked constantly about marriage, and me really “changing” him and making him settle down. He’s 39 years old btw. However, after 8 months of commitment to this man he still refused to ever post a picture of me on his social media. At first I found it sketchy, but he blamed and manipulated ME into believing that I shouldn’t care about those things, and that I had “trust issues”. Finally, after multiple vacations together and him portraying himself as single online, I wised up.

    I gave him an ultimatum- post a picture of me as your girlfriend, or I walk away. Surprisingly, he did it. Not surprisingly, the next day I wake up to DMs from multiple girls claiming to have been hooking up and seeing him for months. They had NO idea he was in a relationship, better yet he claimed he hadn’t been with anyone for months! This man is a walking disease!!!!

    Walden will talk for days about being “a man of integrity” and a “hopeless romantic,” but trust me. I read about him on the dirty prior to committing to him, and he talked his way right out of all the accusations. But, this is not gossip. I got to know Walden better than anybody, by spending a repulsing amount of time with him. Im writing this only so YOU do not make the same mistake I did, getting involved with this sorry human.

    • RealistApril 29, 2018 at 11:23 PM

      Well Truth thank you for letting all of us know that you’re a complete idiot. Not only did you go on here and publicly let us know you’re naive enough to still try dating a guy who was on this site and had multiple women validating it you Called him a walking disease. Meaning you’re most likely infected with something. Most likely because I’m aware of exactly who you are you were up to the same thing he was if not worse you just were better at hiding it and did not pretend to be single cheating is cheating regardless. Shame on you for posting any drama about an ex as well you’re a grown woman this is not high school. Showing you can turn on someone you were with so much only speaks volumes of your own character. Hopefully you seek help.

  2. AlexaOctober 26, 2017 at 3:42 PM

    Trust your instinct and just stay away. So much for a man of integrity ha!

  3. ChloeSeptember 25, 2017 at 5:36 AM

    Walden puts the SLEAZE in Keyes!!!!! He sucks in bed, he says the most distasteful remarks towards women, he is selfish, a drama king, and emotionally repressed!

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