Walking Dump Chelsea Leforte

Walking Dump Chelsea Leforte

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl needs to be exposed. So let me tell you a little bit about Miss Chelsea Leforte. This sweet girl, a little to over confident but I could deal with that! You know the ones where you could almost take home to meet your parents but they actually turn out to be an addicted pepsi-head floozy.

As you can tell from the photo, she’s got DRD on her lip, that should of been a sign. I’m not saying I hate this person- I would unplug her life support to charge my phone. All men ages 16-65 around Brandon, MB watch out! She is a walking health concern. She told me she was a student. I thought right on, a girl with brains! I asked what for, immediately her score on the hot scale dropped… anyone want to take a guess.. a massage therapist. If that doesn’t scream SLOOT! Like Oh, Hi. Can I get one rub and tug with lotion please, your choice. (At least, then she would be getting paid to cheat on her boyfriend.. which I didn’t know about at the time).

I kept my comments to myself because I was really hoping things would look up. She was glued to her phone (probably looking for the next victim to fall in her trap and her game). Things only got worse as the drinks were going down. She told me about her boyfriend and that she had a daughter. But she didn’t really seem to care about either of them. I thought to myself WOW what the f**k am I doing. This girl literally brags about how much she cheats on her boyfriend in the same night and how stupid he is and he believes every word she tells him. Like honestly is your ass jealous of the amount of poop that just came out of your mouth!

Chelsea Leforte posts everything saying she loves her boyfriend when all she loves is getting the Greg from anyone including me behind the Road House. At this point I couldn’t really see it going any further then what just happened.

I’m writing this to warn the dude she’s with to get a CLUE! I honestly feel bad for you cause she’s just going to kick you to the curb once she’s got everything from you. I bet her child’s father probably isn’t the dad with the amount this girl sleeps around. Thinks she’s a sneaky and sly person but she isn’t at all. Give her some pepsi and a few budlights and she will tell you her whole life story and suck your Greg!

How this girl has never been on here before is beyond me, but she is definitely one of the worst person there is in Brandon Manitoba. She will sleep with her best friends ex or boyfriend and have no problem sleeping at night. HUGE warning for everyone reading this- stay away from Chelsea the psychotic girl who thinks she can have her cake and eat it to. Even though this happened a couple months ago I still see her going at it with the same sidekick at the same place, trying look and act classy but being nothing but a huge skank on the dance floor grinding and grabbing every guy till they take her…. doing the dirty!!

This is the longest thing I’ve ever read. I’m happy you vented, but next time get to the point. You don’t need build up when her eyes immediately scream ‘Open for business’.- nik


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  1. Twisted sistersOctober 4, 2017 at 12:04 PM

    Still wearing your high school handle proud!!
    It’s obvious that it’s more than just her eyes that are screaming open for business.
    All of the above would be someone’s worst nightmare!
    But to bad for her this is all true. And it’s slowly coming out!!
    I’ve seen it happen,all the time. (Locally) Home hotel and border town lounge, after parties when she’s there or after baseball/hockey games all the time.
    I’ve almost fallen for it myself a few times, Yes a few!
    Few drinks in her and the Dump begins to come out.
    She’s always done this kind of stuff since we were in high school. Her fake little giggle, trying to show off and being all touchy.
    Sneaking lines in the bathroom with every guy. Likely doing a little more to pay for it. The stuff isn’t free.
    Why any guy would want to do anything with her let alone date? Boggles my mind. She is gross. Thank god for make up.
    But then look at the guys in Boissevain that are hooking up with her.
    She has been thrown around the block on more than one occasion.
    Sticks around to be one of the last to leave the party so she can hook up with the drunkest one at the end. Single, married or not she doesn’t care.
    She has never dedicated herself to anyone and never will.
    She is a user, manipulating back stabbing fake bitch and a narcissist. She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself!
    Girls like Chelsea do not change they stay the exact same.
    She’s 24 and still doing the exact same things she did when she was 14.
    No change. Same name.
    In reality none of this is a surprise and anyone who finds this as a surprise is just stupid.
    Just look at her. It’s obvious this is who she is.
    she doesn’t have to be drinking to be the disgusting girl that she is and always has been.
    Maybe one day her boyfriend will see this and see what happens when he is gone or just not around.
    Whether he believes it or not that’s his choice. But this is TRUE.
    Maybe she will catch wind of this and notice she’s caught… again.
    when your cuddling up to her at night just remember that you are probably not the first person that night! Hope you enjoy dessert!
    You seek attention and you shall get!!!!

  2. Rollin fatties 420October 3, 2017 at 11:13 PM

    We all know what Dump means. Like c’mon now she never got the nick name for being an angel!
    She just enjoys getting the D from everyone.
    Plus it doesn’t seem like she wants to grow out of that name either. And believe me she’s doing a lot of growing!!!
    Rub and tugs for everyone after 5:00 or when her boyfriend is gone. She may as well start advertising on backpage!
    But then again she’s busy enough doing what she’s doing at every bar and party she attends like c’mon guys we all see it!
    To her boyfriend – you’ve found a good one, tramp

  3. Brandon's bestSeptember 17, 2017 at 10:02 AM

    Ha ha the walking dump!! Perfect name for her,couldn’t be anymore correct than that!
    This girl really is a horrible floozy! She was always around the Brandon bars(keyrock,Houston’s, roadhouse,tavern, browns etc) picking up everyone including myself.
    We hooked up plenty of times and after she was done school some days, Biggest regret ever! Just a nasty dirty floozy.
    She brings you on like you could be going somewhere then all of a sudden she’s off banging or blowing the next guy off. Her and her floozy blonde friend are horrible news. If you have Pepsi that’s what they want!
    Stay clear of them two!
    Just a warning to the next guys she smells awful!!!
    Leave the smell for her boyfriend and her other boy toys. Just a Complete dirty skank right there!