What are the best places to pick up escorts in the OC?

What are the best places to pick up escorts in the OC?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m an entrepreneur who started up a very successful loan company in Scottsdale and on business trips to the OC I love to pick up escorts. I follow your site closely, you and the DA really know the OC. I’ve picked up escorts at Fig and Olive, Javiers and Nobu as well as paying Sushi Roku and Nobu waitresses for sex who have been posted here whom I messaged through Facebook all thanks to you guys.

Now I’ve been wondering about two other spots my business partners have picked up a lot of young pay for plays at. One is the Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar and the other is the Marriott in Newport Beach. Any info you can give me on those two spots? Also, my son who goes to USC is coming with me on my next trip to the OC is there any places he can pick up hot chicks? (he doesn’t need to pay for it like his 60 year old dad).

Have you tried Red O yet? When business is slow at Fig, they tend to walk across the street to save Uber money. Also, the day spot at the end of the month (for rent purposes) is R+D Kitchen. The valet acts as a scouting report. It’s so easy to transfer them to the Island Hotel after the lunch specials.- nik


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