Whatever happened to Nicki Foxx aka Erin Tanner

Whatever happened to Nicki Foxx aka Erin Tanner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hey what’s the washed up pop star from No Secrets up to? Nicki Foxx does pepsi and other drugs in front of her child and introduces it to random men she goes on benders with. Someone call DCFS! This washed up pop star isn’t anything. She needs to grow up and be a mom before her son gets taken away. She’s a real class act! Stop spreading your DRDs and be a mom, loser!

Wow Lady Gaga was about to join this group back in the day… check this out: “At one point, many rumors floated about a new member joining the girl group but, no official statements were ever made. Until blog posts and other articles were created a few years later stating, Lady Gaga was confirmed to promptly replace Angel in late 2003 but after her manager backed out of the project too early, Gaga (then known as Stefani) didn’t make it into the group.”– nik


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