Whaurie Laurie the counsellor

Whaurie Laurie the counsellor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my boyfriend and I started counselling at the expressions counselling centre in Abbotsford . We were having issues as a couple and needed some help. We searched and found Laurie Schulz .. she was so nice and kind the first few visits. But then she started talking more to just my boyfriend. She would cut me out and make me look like I was the one messing our relationship up. Then she started to console him, with me in the room! She gropped my boyfriend in front of me. I grabbed his hand and walked out. You’d think it would end here- but no, it didn’t. She started calling my boyfriend to check in on how he was doing and if he was still in a relationship. At the time I was not aware. He told her that we were still together, she said perfect I don’t like to be tied down. They went out and she gave him a blow job the first night!

They continued to have a relationship behind my back for months. My boyfriend accidentally left his phone down and it went off .. so I looked and it was a picture of Laurie naked masturbating with her dildo. I unlocked his phone to find that this was not the first.. there were many many more pictures of her jamming the dildo up her ass.. in her mouth .. the list goes on. It was like a playboy magazine with an old hag as its model. After talking to my boyfriend, the truth came out about how she had seduced him knowing we were together. He’s been dumped .. but upon further investigation (thanks google and Facebook) I realized I wasn’t the first with this issue. She’s done it to many women and their partners. She’s dirty and doesn’t care who’s family she’s ripping apart as long as her sex desires are taken care of by her clients and colleagues. I even heard she has sexual relations with her UFV students. She prefers the males in the class and gives them better grades and extra assignments that are out of school with her .. needless to say she’s a floozy. And easy access for anyone that wants an easy lay no strings attached.


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  1. J.D.February 19, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    That bish needs a counselor, herself!