Who Would Pay For Cindy Killian

Who Would Pay For Cindy Killian

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Honestly Nik I don’t understand. Who pays for this bad eyebrows, small lips, chubby fake ass tans… Plz If you think she’s hot then I give up on life. Imagine being so sad you go on trip with men worldwide and blatantly post your photos on Instagram like it’s normal.

Yeah, it’s super depressing… I take my family to a nice European summer vacation and I tag a location. Then when I review the location via IG, all I see is Russian P4P’s and LA hood/bottlerats refusing to tag their sponsor. They make wealth look cheap.- nik

**And you wonder why I came back.


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  1. yungmanDecember 28, 2017 at 4:27 PM

    hell yeah. She’s sexy as hell.