Who’s flying Thickness out to Nashville?

Who’s flying Thickness out to Nashville?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, so glad you’re back! Since your return I’ve been curious about what some of the old celebs are up to. Thickness is still working “real estate” in NYC but is currently partying it up in Nashville. She refers to “us” and “we” in posts talking about her trip, but of course she’s the only one in photos. Come on Sarah someone is paying for those fancy drinks! #tagyoursponsor

Since the TYS website failed… I’m going to make a category for those submissions. Also, whatever happened to the salmon Goose was willing to put up her ass? I’m asking the question for a buddy of mine. Every time we hangout that’s all he talks about- “Is Erika Underwood still taking salmon up the ass?” So we really need to figure out this salmon situation. And don’t zoom in on this image. The layers of photoshop will ruin your life.- nik


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