Woman Abuser Greg DeBolt

Woman Abuser Greg DeBolt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy has been all over Grande Prairie, Hudsons Hope, Ft. St. John and Dawson Creek. Greg DeBolt tells people a sad story of how his ex wife cheated on him and how he is this hard working man who only ever wanted a family of his own. Turns out the truth is he beat his ex wife so bad he isn’t allowed around her or his kids.

He owes countless of people money and will sleep with anyone for any type of drug that he can put up his nose. He uses his looks to get what he wants and typically it works, but his name is getting around. He has beat many of his exes, drained their bank accounts, wrecked their cars and the list goes on and on. He also has his brother helping him out.

So watch out for the DeBolt brothers- especially Greg. He will literally use you, abuse you, and toss you off to the side. Then when he is down and out he will try his hardest to come crawling back.

Wait! Dawson’s Creek is a real place? You don’t understand how happy this makes me. That place has been the backdrop of all my love letters growing up (none of them converted to sex… they just made me a romantic virgin = #MORON). And BTW, I’ve never met a Greg who isn’t a Greg- it’s pretty much scientific fact now. I decided.- nik


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  1. NancySeptember 12, 2017 at 5:46 PM

    What a douche

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