Young L.O. Does Sexual Favors To Remain In Celebrities Good Graces

Young L.O. Does Sexual Favors To Remain In Celebrities Good Graces

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is the celebrity groupie who goes by the name of everybody knows lo @everybodyknowslo but really don’t. People only know him because of who he tags along with. I saw this guy at DRAIS when a few celebrities were performing and he was completely rude and acted like he was better than everyone. The guy is missing around 10-12 teeth because they have rotted out of his mouth, he’s literally that disgusting.

But I digress, so apparently, this guy knows celebrities such as Dan Brazilian and others. But what you don’t know is how he gets in so well with these celebrities. Apparently, he does sexual favors for celebrities who swing both ways just so he can stay around and the people he is with can look tough. Young L.O. is married and has a kid but his wife doesn’t know about his side ventures in which I think is wrong. This guy is a complete dweeb and should just come out of the closet as being gay is nothing to be ashamed of.

I checked out his Instagram and he looks like a personal assistant. Never heard of him until now. Also, there’s a conscious act that takes place in images… a respect of power and looks. The man in the middle is the hero, the rest are just paying respects or working for the middle. This applies to women as well… the fat chicks always place themselves on the outside giving respect to the Queen- which is generally the best looking one with the most followers in the group.- nik

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