Your Soul Is In Jeopardy

Your Soul Is In Jeopardy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, do you guys fact check any of these posts? I mean the people that are posting are obviously illiterate and jealous and more than a little sad. You can’t really take anything that said with that much bitterness as total truth. But what about you?

Every sociopath on this web site screams about karma but I don’t think they have any real grasp on what that means. I feel nothing but pitty for all of you. Karma is real but I have a feeling you or your particular audience wont recognize it when all this negitivity comes rushing back at you in one way or another. The stupid people that don’t see the connection and wail “why me?” when sh$t goes south.. Pretty obvious really.

Personally, I don’t care what u right as long as you keep spelling my name correctly but I will prey you all find light and love and get out into the real world and away from your computers and stop making your money standing on other people’s necks.

You sound like the Devil.- nik

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