Zoe the bigest hoe

Zoe the bigest hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Zoe. the biggest hoe in corpus christi. She’s 23 and has 4 kids. Worries more about advertising herself online than she does about her kids. She got pregnant at 13. She fronts online about being a bad b*tch like she’s too good. But you can watch her naked for $1. Did i say she’s a stripper!! Lol.

She’s legally still married and has not gotten a divorce. She sells snaps of herself for money and strips at a horrible strip club in town. She thinks she’s bad because she owns ONE LV Purse!! Lol. She says she pays $1000 in rent but she roommates with her best friend and she just left her mommys house at 23 years old. I’m sure her mother was getting tired of having to support her and 4 kids along that for so long lol.

Poor girl needs to get her head out of her ass and get herself together. Go back to school or get a legit job. Her excuse for having to strip is because her baby dads don’t pay child support lol. She’s a lame excuse of a mother. She can’t ever keep a boyfriend. She’s like a 2017 corvette with 200,000 miles on it and the year just started.

It’s about time someone put her on blast. She needs to turn it down a notch . She has a video out of sucking a small Greg lol and all her fans applauded her lol and it was suppose to make her ex jealous lol. It was such an embarrassment. Poor girl needs to grow up.

Her kids are not well taken care of she’s always partying every weekend. The one job she did have her entire life she didn’t last. She couldn’t hack being a grown up for too long lol. She’s so fake and everyone smiles in her face. Can’t no one be real with her. She’s had several post of sucking different mens Gregs. Anyone who believes what she post is a damn fool. She’s as fake as they come. She barely makes a living but she swear she makes 1k in stripping lol. She’s a joke.

Her photos are always taken at angles. She doesn’t have an ass. She’s flat as a door she has a 12 year old bird chest lol. She thinks she’s bad because she has 15,000 follwers buts if she stayed in school long enough she would know thats not much in numbers lollll.

She’s so fake she can’t fight. She’s just rowdy online and talks like she’s bout it but roll up to her spot and she will hide inside and call her mom for help loll . It’s so sad she needs a new career


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