EMAIL: Nik I can’t Believe that you Haven’t had Freddy Fags on your page before.  He Is Probably the Biggest Douche at MTV or was when I worked there and he was a recruiter the absolutly lowest position there is. Anyways Rumor used to be that he lived out of his car, but would still go out to the Clubs every night with an Equally big Douche named Marty who was Briefly on a Soap, but was Kicked of for being in a soft core porn or something.  Anyways Freddy has No claim to fame other than being that guy who approached famous people and asked to take a pics to post on his Myspace.  Thanks for Finally putting him on Blast you are totally going to ruin all of the Orange County 18 and over clubs for him.  Keep up the good work. 

So Freddy Fags is famous for being a Douche Bag.  Him and Spencer Pratt should play video games together.- nik