Thank you to the NJ State Police. I decided not to press charges against Orange Frog and his friend. I didn’t know how many fans I had in law enforcement… Thank you to everyones emails/comments that supported me in the fight against Frog and his orange army. Frog I am not done with you SON!

They tracked two IP addresses to residences:
(email) One in Newark, NJ and (some comments) another in London, UK.

They questioned his Guido roommate who sent the threatening emails to protect his Frog buddy. He told officials that Frog is a supermodel and that I was ruining his auditions in New York. He also stated Frog is a celebrity in England and that I am ruining his career. NJSP told me S.A. (Frog’s initials- I am not going to state his real name because he is an amphibian now) travels back and forth from UK to NY and that his “assistant” Tony who is also is roommate/agent in Jersey is primarily to blame.

Frog I decided since you are trying to break through in the states that you need my help. As long as you don’t give me warts, I am now on a quest to make you famous as a Frog. I have never seen any douche bag who has a face that wants to kill the Camera. You are a natural FROGGY! Ask Tony your bigtime agent/manager/mafia connected bed buddy.

So here is the deal FROG Man I am going to launch London in your honor and leap frog you into my Dirty Hall of Fame. You are stuck with me SON! Tell your Guido friend Tony that lives off your orange skin- “Ribbit.”
(created by Dirty fan)