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Why are there tubes going into your ass Burrito?
Here we go again another Frog Warrior… actually I think Burrito’s boobs are larger than Frogs.

BURRITO EMAIL: Hey f*ckface, take this sh*t about me down now. I am not the guy you want to be making fun of. I don’t carry a lot of cash on me for a reason bitch. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and look at my car, my house, my watches and know what kind of sh*t storm I can bring on you. Unlike the other people on your site I am the real deal boss. Remove my pictures and lies people are writing about me by 6pm today or I bring all of Puerto Rico down on you.

Robbie Z06

Burrito I understand your concern, but you are a Douche Bag. So at this time your account will be under review until further notice. Whatever happened to people asking nicely? Dirty Army stand by.- nik

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