Dennis Rodman Is The New Carrier Pigeon

Dennis Rodman Is The New Carrier Pigeon

UPDATE: One American hostage, Otto Warmbier, has been released.

Don’t kid yourself- if you don’t think Dennis Rodman isn’t going to FaceTime President Donald Trump, then you are an idiot my friend.

One of the reasons I voted for Trump was because of his relationship with Dennis Rodman. As crazy as that sounds, think about it. For California residents and fans/residents of Hawaii, we need to fear the North K. There’s no reason why Dana Point, CA should be the new Pearl Harbor — no tourists, please.

And the only person in the world that can save us is Dennis Rodman, much like Will Smith in Independence Day (sequel doesn’t count, that was not a real movie).

So four Americans held hostage and 16 missiles later… D-Rod is our only hope. We don’t want to die because we didn’t act. Open the door ,Dennis, and let Donald close the deal.

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