Donald Trump – Blasts Senators Bluementhal and McCain

Donald Trump – Blasts Senators Bluementhal and McCain

It’s another day that ends in y, so it makes sense that the world would awaken to another Twitter meltdown from President Donald Trump.

This time, Trump is on the attack of certain Senators- specifically, Senators Richard Blumenthal and John McCain.

Sen.Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he said for years he had (major lie), now misrepresents what Judge Gorsuch told him?”  Trump tweeted.

Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave ‘service’ in Vietnam. FAKE NEWS!” he added. 

Our President didn’t stop there, though, Tweeting over multiple tweets that, Sen. McCain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. Only emboldens the enemy! He’s been losing so long he doesn’t know how to win anymore, just look at the mess our country is in – bogged down in conflict all over the place. Our hero Ryan died on a winning mission (according to General Mattis), not a ‘failure.’ Time for the U.S. to get smart and start winning again!”

While we definitely enjoy a good Twitter rant, this is a lot to digest before most of the USA has had their first cup of coffee.

Stay tuned, as with the snow on the East Coast, we’re sure to get some more great Trump content today.

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