Donald Trump Claims Every Story Is Badly Slanted

Donald Trump Claims Every Story Is Badly Slanted

While President Donald Trump issued an interesting barrage of tweets on Easter Sunday, this morning he returned to his favorite social media platform to put one of his favorite subjects- the media- back on blast.

“The Fake Media (not Real Media) has gotten even worse since the election,” Trump began with tweeting.

“Every story is badly slanted,” he continued.

He also added that, “We have to hold them to the truth!” 

This is definitely an interesting tweet, as Trump and his administration have so frequently been criticized in the media of not being factual in things they have said; however, it’s not a surprising tweet, as Trump has frequently criticized what he deems as “fake news.”

It’s only Monday morning, so if we’re starting off like this, it’s bound to be an interesting week.

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