Donald Trump – Protestors At LAX

Donald Trump – Protestors At LAX

All these protests at major market airports are quite amazing … but they’re accomplishing nothing. Let’s be honest for a second, President Donald Trump gets off on this kind of animosity. He loves big crowds.

Today the Tom Bradley international terminal at LAX was the cool hangout … similar to the Peach-Pit. Protesters gathered to sing songs of glee and hold hands.

We can only assume this lit a fire under Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz. He penned a lovely letter promising 10,000 jobs to refugees because of Trump’s so called ‘Muslim ban’. Yup, this actually backfired causing hashtag #BoycottStarbucks to go viral. Everyone (middle America and Russia) was disgusted that Starbucks would give refugees jobs over hard working Americans.

Don’t worry … Twitter has since removed the hashtag for political reasons. Howard must have bought a lot of Twitter stock today (this new President is really saving Twitter’s ass).

Moral of the story – You can’t win. Go home and stop wasting your sick days.

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