EXCLUSIVE: Trump Tax Returns Make Trump Look Good

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Tax Returns Make Trump Look Good

While Rachel Maddow showed President Donald Trump‘s 2005 tax return on her show on MSNBC last night, which The Dirty covered, a political insider has revealed to us how this move to discredit our President actually made him look good.

“Rachel Maddow clearly was showing off the tax return in an attempt to make President Trump look bad,” our source told us. “However, this was a failed attempt that didn’t work.” 

“Sadly- for her- the returns didn’t prove anything,” our insider continued. “Everyone’s arguments have been that he wasn’t paying his taxes or had money tied up in Russia. The two pages she did obtain- and her wasted, hourlong diatribe- did nothing but show that our President, like everyone else, paid his taxes.” 

“If anything,” they added, “they made Trump look good in that sense, and made themselves look desperate for ratings at any cost. While the term ‘fake news’ has been laughed about in the past, this truly was a bit of ‘fake news,’ as there was nothing substantial worth reporting.” 


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