EXCLUSIVE: What Stormy Daniels Told TheDirty.com About Her Affair With President Donald Trump

EXCLUSIVE: What Stormy Daniels Told TheDirty.com About Her Affair With President Donald Trump

I’m so sick of seeing journalists not crediting TheDirty.com or myself for breaking this story. All of the sudden- everyone is acting like this is mind blowing news. Well, here you go. An EXCLUSIVE email sent to me on October 10, 2011 at 11:37 AM. It’s Stormy Daniels description of events, her words:

  • Met at Celebrity Golf Event in Lake Tahoe in Aug/ he invited me dinner/ went up to his room and was surprised he meant we’d be having dinner in his suite/he showed me a magazine cover he was on/we chatted/he had lots of questions about the business aspect of porn/I asked him about his hair and he told me he was afraid to cut it or he’d lose his money (I made a few jokes about his expense)/he said I was smart and he was surprised I was so business oriented and did porn/he said he’d try to get me on Celebrity Apprentice/ he kissed me/we went to the bedroom and had sex (one position, no condom (idiot), he has a slightly shorter than average cock but it is very thick with a pronounced head, he needs to shave his balls (hehe)/he said he really really wanted to see me again/I asked about his wife and he told me not to worry about it/gave him my phone number/we hung out at a club in the hotel that night with Ben Rothlisberger from the Steelers/Ben walked me to my room at Trump’s order
  • Trump said he’d call and he did many times and always from a blocked number/I’d put him on speaker phone (in front of Moz and once in front of a photographer)/ he always said he’d seen me in some story or show/called me “Honey Bunch” repeatedly during every call/ kept saying we should get together to discuss my part on the Celebrity Apprentice
  • I would contact him by calling Rona on his office line 212-832-2000 or his bodyguard Keith 646-942-2216. He always took my call.
  • I went to NY for an appearance and Trump insisted I come see him at his office. My assistant and I went. We were welcomed right away into his office by his secretary who said he was “expecting me” when I told her who I was. He greeted me with a hug and kiss.
  • He invited me to the Miss USA pageant and left tix for me and my assistant at will call. Moz drove us./this was March 2007
  • He invited me to the launch party for Trump Vodka at LeDeux in Hollywood. (there are red carpet photos of me there). My assistant was with me. He greeted me warmly with a hug and kiss and had me join him in the VIP area. Was only there for a few minutes./he wanted to get together later but I believe I had flight early next day.
  • July 2007 he had me come meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel/Moz drove me and his bodyguard walked me to his bungalow and back out to my car/We had dinner in his bungalow/He wanted sex/I wanted to know what was up with Celebrity Apprentice/ Shark Week was on television and he was strangely obsessed with watching it (he REALLY hates sharks..lol)/He kept kissing me but I wanted to talk business/finally he admitted NBC had turned me down/I left/this ending or 11 month regular correspondence
  • He randomly called a few more times/I stopped answering blocked numbers

Sorry Mr. President.- nik

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