KellyAnne Conway – Schooled That Alternative Facts Are Not Facts

KellyAnne Conway – Schooled That Alternative Facts Are Not Facts

Donald Trump has been in office less than two full days, and already there’s controversy surrounding him. Yesterday, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, got angry with the press’s coverage of the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration. He then claimed that “This was the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”

Unfortunately, that was proven false. This morning, Trump’s campaign manager and current advisor KellyAnne Conway appeared on Meet The Press and was grilled by Chuck Todd about the quote.

Todd directly asked her, “Why did the President send out his press secretary – who’s not just the spokesperson for Donald Trump and… speaks for all of the country at times… Why put him out there for the very first time in front of that podium to utter a provable falsehood?”

“Chuck, if we’re gonna keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms, I think we’re gonna have to rethink our relationship here,” Conway responded.

As the conversation went on, Conway kept trying to redirect the conversation; however, Todd did not stop drilling the question, telling Conway that it “undermines the credibility of the entire White House Press Office on day one.”

Conway finally provided some sort of explanation, claiming that Spicer gave “alternative facts to that.”

“Alternative facts are not facts,” Todd soon rebutted. “They’re falsehoods.”

The conversation went on for a little bit longer, with Conway continuing to try to discuss items that were more topical to what Trump is trying to accomplish in office.

Tell us – what are your thoughts on their conversation? Are you less secure with the White House Press Office now that this occurred? Let us know in the comments.

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