New Site Confident Donald Trump Not Tweeting Certain Things Himself

New Site Confident Donald Trump Not Tweeting Certain Things Himself

Throughout his presidency thus far- and beforehand- one of the main controversial focal points surrounding President Donald Trump has been his obscene Twitter account.

While there have occasionally been “normal” tweets, the majority of them have been Trump making salacious accusations and headline-making comments.

A new website has popped up entitled Did Trump Tweet It and it’s calling into question if some of his tweets are actually being issued by him or others.

Take, for example, his kind tweets about International Women’s Day that he posted yesterday morning.

According to Did Trump Tweet It, the two tweets directed at women were tweeted from an iPhone. It’s been known for a while that Trump tweets from an Android phone, so the website claims a 49% positive “sentiment score” on one tweet and a 65% positive “sentiment score” on another that Trump did not tweet these things himself.

Meanwhile, a tweet he issued after the tweets about International Women’s Day regarding a LinkedIn Workforce Report was posted from an Android phone and the website believes Trump tweeted this, with a 44% positive “sentiment score.”

It will be interesting to see if Trump addresses the fact that the source of his tweets are being called into question, but something tells me there are two words he would use to describe this website- fake news.

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