Russia and Iran Upset With US Strike In Syria

Russia and Iran Upset With US Strike In Syria

Last night, we reported that the US military had done an air strike in Syria.

This morning, The New York Times is reporting that Russia and Iran are unhappy with the strike.

Dmitri S. Peskov, who is the spokesperson for Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, issued a statement where he noted that the strike is a “significant blow” to ties between the US and Russia. 

The report also noted that Peskov claimed Putin felt the air strike was a “breach of international law.”

Bahram Ghasemi, a spokesperson for Iran, also spoke out against the US airstrike, noting that they felt this would result in “the strengthening of failing terrorists.”

While Iran and Russia are clearly against it, many countries supported what the US did, including the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Stay tuned to The Dirty today, as we’re sure there will be a lot more coming out regarding what happened in Syria.

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