Trump Deletes Tweets He Issued About Syria From 2013 and 2014

Trump Deletes Tweets He Issued About Syria From 2013 and 2014

This past week, an air strike was issued against Syria under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Interestingly, Trump had issued tweets back in 2013 and 2014 regarding Syria- which he has since deleted- that directly contradict what he did this week.

In 2013, he issued a number of Tweets regarding Syria, including the notable highlights below:

  • “The only reason President Obama wants to attack Syria is to save face over his very dumb RED LINE statement. Do NOT attack Syria, fix U.S.A.”
  • “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”
  • When asked how he would treat the Syria situation if President, Trump tweeted, “I’d let them all fight with each other- focus on US!”
  • “Don’t attack Syria- an attack that will bring nothing but trouble for the U.S.”
  • “What I am saying is stay out of Syria.”

In 2014, he also tweeted that, “Any American who fights w/ ISIS in Iraq or Syria should have their passport revoked. If they try to come back in, send them to Gitmo.” 

Clearly, these tweets are in direct opposition to what he said and are certainly eyebrow raising.

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